Payment Alternatives With Firepay

Before you can play in a casino, the first thing that should be done is to purchase some chips. There are various ways by which you could make transactions and most online casinos accept the favorite methods. One of the more preferred methods of payment is Firepay.

Firepay is like a debit card which can be used to make deposits and withdrawals online. Its convenience is one of the primary reasons why it is preferred by both gamblers and online casinos. At present, setting up a Firepay account is completely free but only accepts transactions in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. With Firepay, you can directly transfer cash to and from your account as well as withdraw from various currencies although you would have to pay additional charges for that.

When setting up your Firepay account, you can accomplish an online application from the online casino website. Registering takes up only a few minutes. When depositing cash to an online casino, there is no fee collected for the transaction. This policy likewise applies to withdrawals. However, there is a fee when depositing money to your account. However, there is no ceiling when it comes to withdrawals and no fees are collected when taking out money from your account. You can withdraw your winnings from your account.

Money transfer to your Firepay account can takes a couple of days at least although you can register for ExpressFund to be able to instantly transfer money. Each transaction will cost about $2 and the weekly limit for is $500. However, it is an excellent way to immediately play if you are not eager to wait for the transfer of the money.

With Firepay, you need to have a valid social security number to ensure the validity of your account. In order to validate your account, you need to retrieve a deposit slip from Firepay. As soon as your account has been set up, you must make sure that it remains active by making transactions every 150 days or else you will pay $50 each quarter. Likewise, once the balance becomes zero, your account is rendered inactive.

Security of your account is guaranteed by Firepay as they are using high end encryption technology in order to keep your personal information safe. The advantage of Firepay is that once you provide your details, the information you provided will stay with them and would not be shared to any casino. With a 24 hour technical support, you can have a guarantee that your concerns are resolved right away. Firepay has managed to keep their credibility and reputation which is why it is preferred by most gamblers.

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